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VLC specifications

ND Number Version Title File (size) Status Comment
ND1012 Issue 2 Interconnect Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) and Adaptation Layers PDF (78 k) Current
ND1016 v3.2.1 Requirements on communications providers in relation to Customer Line Identification Display and other related services PDF (391 k) Current
ND1017 Issue 1 Interworking between Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and UK ISDN User Part (UK ISUP) PDF (426 k) Current
ND1018 V1.1.2 NGN Interconnect: Interconnect Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) PDF (52 k) Current
ND1019 V1.1.1 IP Multimedia Call Control based on Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP) for UK Interconnect PDF (42 k) Current
ND1021 V1.1.1 Voice Line Control for UK Interconnect using TISPAN IMS-based PSTN/ISDN Emulation, SIP and SDP PDF (553 k) Deprecated
ND1119 V1.2.1 UK Interconnect: Use of Signalling for Packet-Based PSTN/ISDN PDF (121 k) Current
ND1423 Issue 1 Guidelines for Usage of Enbloc/Overlap Signalling in UK Networks PDF (137 k) Current
ND1439 2.1.1 Guidance for Implementing ND1016 in SIP networks PDF (212 k) Current
ND1611 V2.2.3 Multi-Service NGN Interconnect Common Transport PDF (557 k) Current
ND1615 1.1.1 NGN Interconnect; Voice Line Control Service; General Connectivity Management PDF (305 k) Current
ND1620 V1.2.3 NGN; Voice Line Control; Interconnect Architecture PDF (223 k) Current
ND1621 V1.1.3 Generic Overload Control for use on Interconnect of Next Generation Networks PDF (138 k) Current
ND1625 V0.1.1 H NGN Interconnect:RTP Packet Transport Quality Monitoring PDF (17 k) Held [see comments]
ND1628 V1.1.2 Securing Data Flows with IPSec for NGN Interconnects PDF (49 k) Current
ND1633 V1.1.2 Next Generation Networks; Element Naming Framework PDF (69 k) Current
ND1635 V1.1.1 NGN Interconnect: Media Path Technical Specification PDF (67 k) Current
Nd1636 V1.2.2 NGN Interconnect: IP Address Allocation PDF (42 k) Current
ND1704 V2.1.1 End to End Network Performance Rules and Objectives for the Interconnect of NGNs PDF (752 k) Current
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