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B2B (NDs various)

ND Number Version Title File (size) Status Comment
ND1421 V1.0.0 NICC B2B User Story Approach PDF (103 k) Current
ND1422 V1.0.0 NICC B2B Best Practice PDF (76 k) Current
ND1427 V1.0.0 B2B Location & Address Identification Principles PDF (242 k) Current
ND1429 1.1.1 Guidelines on Tools for Structuring B2B Specifications PDF (101 k) Current
ND1430 1.1.1 B2B Designers and Developers Guide PDF (104 k) Current
ND1507 V2.0.0 NICC B2B Interface Framework Document PDF (214 k) Current
ND1508 V2.0.0 Trouble To Resolve (T2R) white paper proposal PDF (125 k) Current
ND1509 V1.0.0 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) International Gap Analysis PDF (149 k) Current
ND1510 V1.0.0 Lead-To-Cash (L2C) White Paper Proposal PDF (135 k) Current
ND1617 Issue 1 Automated Business to Business (B2B) Transactions: Architecture and Principles PDF (200 k) Current
ND1618 Issue 1 Profile for ebXML Messaging Service 2.0 Gateways PDF (163 k) Current
ND1622 V2.0.0 NICC B2B Interface Requirements Document PDF (657 k) Current
ND1623 V1.0.0 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) User Story Requirements PDF (200 k) Current
ND1624 V1.1.1 B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) User Story Requirements PDF (295 k) Current
ND1626 V1.1.1 NICC B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) Interface Standard PDF (701 k) Current
ND1627 V1.1.1 B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) Interface Standard PDF (2076 k) Current
ND1637 V1.1.1 B2B Trouble-To-Resolve (T2R) XML Standard ZIP (177 k) Current
ND1641 1.1.1 L2C XML Schema ZIP (557 k) Current
ND1652 V1.1.1 Active Line Access: B2B Lead-to-Cash (L2C) extensions for NGA-T ZIP (454 k) Current
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