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Open Forum 2018

Open Forum 2018

The 2018 NICC Open Forum was held on 7 November at One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA

The presentations from the event are listed below -

Ofcom - All IP, regulation, interconnection and portability

PDF Brian Potterill (854 k)

Withdrawal of WLR3

PDF James Lilley (693 k)

NICC Work programme - All IP

PDF Pasq Genco (334 k)

The TDM to IP experience of TNS, an OTT provider

PDF Mark Commons (1359 k)

The impact of IP on technology enabled care

PDF Steve Sadler (1226 k)

Impacts if IP in the FCS community

PDF Cathy Gerosa (86 k)

NICC Work programme - SIP

PDF Perry Wilks (516 k)

NICC Work programme - DSL

PDF Kevin Foster (792 k)

NICC Work programme - SIP Overload Control

PDF Mel Turner (540 k)

NICC Work programme - Security

PDF Phil Williams (585 k)

5G - an update on progress towards commercial launch

PDF Andy Sutton (4599 k)

NICC Work programme - Emergency location

PDF John Medland (595 k)

Blockchain - proof of concept

PDF Phil Bone (887 k)
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