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Open Forum 2016

Open Forum 2016

The 2016 NICC Open Forum was held on 10 November at One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA

The approved presentations from the 2016 Open Forum can be found here -

NICC Review

Paul Rosbotham

Nuisance Calls - addressing consumer harm through network technology

Huw Saunders

SHAKEN and the US Phone Network

Richard Shockey

NICC Work Programme - DSL

Kevin Foster

5G - the bigger picture

Naomi Climer

NICC Work Programme - SIP

Perry Wilks

NICC Work Programme - SIP Overload Control

Phil Williams

Launching a Primary Line IP Voice Product

Liam Connors

NICC Work Programme - All IP; a new Task Group

John Barton

The demise of TDM circuit switching

Andy Valdar

NICC Work Programme - Security and SIP ALG

Steve Covey

NICC Work Programme - Emergency Location and the impact of the ETSI M493 architecture

John Medland

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