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Open Forum 2014

The 2014 NICC Open Forum took place on 12 November at One Great George Street, Westminster, London


The approved presentations from the 2014 Open Forum can be found here -


Keynote Speech - The Inexorable Rise of "Total Mobility

PDF Jim Norton (1880 k)


The Evolution of Mobile Communications Networks: 4G LTE-Advanced and 5G

PDF Andy Sutton (2145 k)


5GIC - one Year On

PDF Rahim Tafazolli (9972 k)


TSG Update

PDF Paul Rosbotham (162 k)


Nuisance calls and CLI spoofing – progress to date and the way forward

PDF Huw Saunders (281 k)


SIP Task Group

PDF Perry Wilks (110 k)


NICC TSG Security Task Group

PDF Steve Covey (329 k)


IoT Running on ARM, Data - Big and Little, and Security

PDF Stephen Pattison (5324 k)


Emergency Location Working Group

PDF Ken Hatt (201 k)


TV White Space

PDF Tim Harrold (1056 k)


NICC Work Programme ‐ DSL

PDF Kevin Foster (498 k)
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