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Open Forum 2013

The 2013 NICC Open Forum took place on the 28th November at One Great George Street, Westminster, London

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The approved presentations from this year's Open Forum can be found here -


NICC Review and Future Activity

Interview with Paul Rosbotham


 Keynote Speach

 Interview with George Williamson


Next Generation Access

Interview with Trevor Linney


Demand-Attentive Networks

PDF Gavin Young (3851 k)


Interview with Gavin Young


Nuisance Calls, Nuisance SMS

PDF Neil Cook (1370 k)

 Interview with Neil Cook


Cyber Security 

Interview with Mike StJohn-Green


Solar Storms

PDF Stuart Eves (579 k)

 Interview with Stuart Eves


Current Developments in Wireless and Spectrum

Raj Sivalingam


Nuisance Calls - NICC Perspective

PDF Rob Spindley (50 k)
 Interview with Rob Spindley
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