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Developing interoperability standards for the UK

NICC is a technical forum for the UK communications sector that develops interoperability standards for public communications networks and services in the UK.  It is an independent organisation owned and run by its members.

It is now necessary to be a member to participate in NICC activities.  Learn more about NICC membership.

The NICC members' site [login required] contains information about forthcoming meetings, working and draft documentation. 

NICC is a trade mark of NICC Standards Ltd.


The 2017 ITSPA Awards event was held at The Tower of London on the 9th May 2017.  NICC had been entered into the ITSPA Members' Pick category for our work on SIP ALG. The other entries in the category were from Ofcom and Home SIP Capture.

The NICC secretary, Nick Ireland, attended the Award event to collect the winning trophy on behalf of all NICC members who were involved in producing ND1440.

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Latest news

NICC Open Forum and AGM 2017

The NICC Open Forum and AGM 2017 was held at One Great George Street, London on 8 November 2017. 

The approved presentations are available in the 'EVENTS' section of the web site


New NICC standards are now available on the 'Publications' page;

ND1643V5.1.1 - Guidelines on the Minimum Security Controls for Interconnecting Communication Providers

ND1439V2.1.1 - Guidance for Implementing ND1016 in SIP networks

NICC Security TG statement on ND1643V4.1.1

ND1034V1.1.1 - UK SIPconnect Endorsement

ND1440V1.1.1 - Guidance for the use and secure implementation of SIP Application Layer Gateways (ALG)

NICC current work

NICC specifications are being developed for the following technical activities and interfaces:

  • ALL IP end to end
  • Nuisance Calls and CLI
  • SIP NNI and Corporate Network Connection
  • IP access to Emergency Services
  • Interworking between network protocols
  • SIP Overload Control
  • Minimum security requires for interconnection CPs
  • Overlapping Gfast and VDSL

These and more current work areas are detailed here.  

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